What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

Lee Young-Joon’s family runs a large company and he works as the vice-president of the company. He is smart, rich and handsome, but he is arrogant. His secretary is Kim Mi-So. She has worked for him for years and she is perfect for him, but Kim Mi-So decides to quit her job.

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17 Replies to “What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim

  1. Oh my love this, I wish they make more shows like this the pairing was incredible me and my wife give it 100 out of 10 too cute!!!

  2. omo! I just sleep late bescause thid is too eorth it to watch! I love it! Can you release episode 15 please! kumawo!

  3. I really love the story ang young joon so romantic and mr. Park so funny everytime his with VP… i love the chemistry of the lead actor and the actress of this story a good combination of all cast.😘😘😘

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