Spring Has Come

Spring Has Come

Naoko Kishikawa is a 31 year-old single who works for the undergarment section at a departmental store. She lives with her parents and a younger sister. One day, she meets a Korean photographer, Lee Ji-won. Ji-won’s presence gradually changes Naoko and her family.

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5 Replies to “Spring Has Come

  1. so is he nice or is he using her.. man this first eps got me… wonder what his intentions are ..? she seems to be dazed by him… will he fall for her..? seems to be good so far, I can not keep up with all the dramas everyday I am watching one… but I love it!!!!!!!!!!! thank you Dramafire only for you I be in trouble,,,,,,, Subbers you are great..

  2. The first episode was just awesome. It made me kept thinking what will happen next. Waiting eagerly or the next episode😊😊

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