My Mister episode 8 (eng sub)

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12 Replies to “My Mister episode 8

  1. This Drama is too depressing to watch, why not let his wife go they do not seem happy anyways, I have never seen them smile, hold each other or kiss.. they seem to hate each other… . and their son seems a bit young to be send off someone to school… I do not know , about this IU her role I am not liking it.. That guy that abuses her seems to like her.. can not figure that one out.. this drama is like , I want to see it, but I do not like it…

    oh well , I like the brothers but they are so depressing too……… Thank you DF

    1. Have you ever seen IU and the loan shark smile, hold each other or kiss? Yet you see affection there.
      And who is topping the wife from leaving? She is an attorney, she can file for divorce. perhaps the truth is she doesn’t want a divorce, she was lonely and cannot compete with his brothers/mother for his affection.

      The child does seem young and I can’t recall any explanation as to why he was sent abroad but it’s not strange in the kdrama world and he seems gifted so perhaps he had an opportunity and they accepted it.

      1. Not for IU but I got the feeling the loan shark likes her he seemed to be Jealous.. Thank you for the heads up on the son… ..

  2. I love this drama…One of a kind. Not like others full of sweet nothings. Like real life story…life sometimes suck u dry.😁

  3. Does anyone know the name of song and singer that plays from minute 41-45 minutes? If anyone knows please reply or send a link to the song? Thanks!

    1. Hi, I love that song! I’ve heard it a really long time ago. And especially again in my favorite drama I am Legend. It’s called One million roses, but I don’t know the original singer, but I love Sim Soo Bong’s version.

  4. Whoaaa 😮…
    Doctor Ye: ”I like you too”😍

    I pray she wasn’t having one of her wild imaginations.

    Till next week…Fighting!!!

  5. Thank you to both of you! It’s amazing song no matter what language. That is why music has no language… I think I found the Korean singer but I am not sure he is the one that they used in this episode. If this is not the same singer any chance you know singer name?

    Here is a link:

  6. radiologist dae bang makes sense, i can’t also decide well.. minho? dr ye? minho? dr ye? minho??😅

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