I’m Not a Robot episode 24 (eng sub)

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9 Replies to “I’m Not a Robot episode 24

  1. This is killing me I love them both so much.. I feel so sorry for him.. what is he going to do will he still love her or will he be so mad.. I want a happy ending for them all a great cast.. Thank you DF and subbers

  2. The cliffhanger is so damn perfect that I want to strangle the writer and the director!! 😭 now I’m left wondering what the worst could happen to min kyu. He would survive for sure,but he could be in a coma for a year or two, and then when he came to,he would have a permanent memory loss. Nothing could be worse than that,right? Pls end this heartache already 😢 We want to see only the sweet moments at least in the last 2 eps

    1. i want to see the sweet moments sooner than that Liza, he breaks my heart.. so sad , yet he loves her .. and she him…. she is going to save him again,,,

  3. Zomg I was so happy about how this episode turned out to be until the end came nd now my mind won’t b able to focus on anything else than thinking what happened next…
    Tysm tho Drama fire
    I’m waiting for d next eps eagerly 🙂

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