A Korean Odyssey – Hwayugi

A Korean Odyssey – Hwayugi

Hwayugi is about a monk taking a journey with four troublesome companions who must atone for their sins.

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36 Replies to “A Korean Odyssey – Hwayugi

    1. I want to know too its been so long since it has been on… Is this the new DF i did not know they were going to change its so different then the one I was used too..

  1. why can’t i download an episode? everytime i press the download button it direct me to lazada’s page,can anyone help me please..😢

    1. Skye,if the download links on this page don’t work for you, try the links on the episode page(below the video player).

  2. Why is it taking so long for a new update, since other sites have already updated. Please update soon. I want to watch on dramafire.

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