A Korean Odyssey – Hwayugi episode 18 (eng sub)

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16 Replies to “A Korean Odyssey – Hwayugi episode 18

  1. I’m crying so hard..omg..
    In the end I just want them together 🙁 And save the world..I just—
    This series is just amazing. Such a great storyline and all the emotions..
    I’mma hate it when it ends T-T

  2. now i know, why all dramas featuring oh yeon soo doesn’t do well, even though it has interesting storyline. it’s because of her acting, as i watched hwayugi, certain scenes looks awkward and mostly, the character that she portrayed loved to divide her hair 5:5 which makes her look nerd and unattractive. why her stylist styled her like that? and oh yeon soo, please improve your acting, i know u can do it!

  3. wow great ep that last scene man Seung Gi can kiss like a man…. his so hot.. Great acting too… I hope for a happy ending for them both ,,, and Ma Wang , its the guy from the shop.. I hoped it was,,,,,,,, can not wait for next ep………….

  4. Based on his comments while referring to Ma Wang, he will b his father…..
    I wish I could just be at d filming ground to watch all d remaining episodes; just to get rid of d agitation in me right now.
    Can’t really wait till Sunday.
    Thanks DF for the satisfaction gotten from you

  5. You guys need to stop leaving in the spoiler alerts for us folks that haven’t seen certain parts of the movie! Learn to shut up and leave it as it is!

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